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ERG’s SFW Series Inverters Offer a Range of Advantages over the Competition:

    1. Wider input voltage range
    2. Guaranteed 1500 V strike over the entire range of input voltages.
    3. SFW Series inverters will easily dim to less than 5% brightness (compared to only 16% for some competitive inverters)
    4. SFW Series inverters run more efficiently because they run on only one power conversion stage as opposed to the double conversion stage topology (buck followed by a Royer circuit) used in competitive inverters. SFW Series inverters typically run at high efficiency.
    5. SFW series inverters operate down to -30 degrees Celsius
    6. Lower Profile: The SFWA/SFWB series inverter is less than 6 mm high (Compared to 8 mm for some competitors)
    7. The SFWE/SFWF series inverter is less than 10 mm high. (Compared to 12 mm for some competitors)
    8. SFW Series inverters use one stage of resonant switching for the power transformation, which creates a very low EMI waveform with well below 10% THD, typically in the 4 to 6% range.
    9. ERG can modify the SFW series inverters to run off of an external PWM signal for dimming and can also reverse the onboard dimming slope; competitive inverters can only run off of an external voltage to modulate the output current (PWM dimming is not possible).
    10. SFW Series inverters have an open lamp detection feature that will disable operation if a load opens. (This will prevent sustained high voltage at the output connector).

Talk to an ERG engineer to see how the SFW Series inverter that’s right for your application stacks up against what you’re using now.

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