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LCD Manufacturer Model Number ERG Inverter Part Number
5 Volt Input 12 Volt Input
AND AND08C351-HB   8ma22372
AND AND10C209A-4HB   L2333
AND AND10C209A-DHB   L2414
AND AND10C209A-HB   L2414
AND AND10C273-4HB   L2333
AND AND10C273-DHB   L2414
AND AND10C273-HB   L2414
AND AND10C306L 8m052398  
AND AND12C275A-HB   L2414
AND AND12C275C-DHB   L2414
AND ANDpSi04C380K-HB   8m122429
AND ANDpSi08C343S   8m122325
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